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What Is A Proper Pet Diet?

A proper pet diet is completely different from a human diet, although many pet owners do not full appreciate that. The facts are that what is good to eat for humans is not always okay to feed their beloved pets. Just as we humans need specific foods for proper nutrition, so do our dogs and cats. The main thing to always remember is that pet nutrition isn't, and never will be, the same as human nutrition.

The basis of a pet diet is to ensure that the dog or cat gets all the nutrition that is essential to keep them healthy. It must be balanced to provide them with the correct nutrition to prevent diet related diseases.

That is why a pet diet must be specifically for carnivores. If you look at the difference in human teeth and the teeth of dogs and cats, you will see that their teeth are the most obvious sign that they are meat eaters; the sharp pointy teeth are designed to tear meat.

Fundamental differences

The digestive systems of carnivores are designed specifically to be able to process raw meat. In fact, the bodies of dogs and cats lack the enzymes to digest fruits and vegetables and most certainly cannot digest processed grains.

That is why it is so important to know every single ingredient that is put into pet food. You have to ensure that your chosen pet diet gives your pet the nutrients that are vital to their optimum health. Hills provide scientifically developed cat food and dog food which has been formulated just for them, to provide everything they need in their diet.

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